Professional Recommendations for Revelation Solate 

He mastered the educational standards and worked to create innovative curriculum for teaching them... His work was always carefully edited, visually appealing, and optimized functionally.
— Christina Beckel - Literacy Program Specialist, Orange County Public Schools
[He] seeks excellence and mastery. He is honest, dependable, and someone who cares about delivering the best product or service possible... It is thanks to his personality and work ethic that we were able to accomplish what we did.
— John Savage - Instructional Design Head Manager, 21st Century Learning Solutions
[He is] a very hard worker and an ethical employee who takes great pride in his work... I know Revelation will be successful in any endeavor he undertakes and I feel strongly that he will be a great asset to any organization.
— Lydia Giffin - Chief Operating Officer (COO), 21st Century Learning Solutions
I agree with them.
— Revelation Solate